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A therapeutic massage utilizing primarily Swedish, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral and Deep Tissue therapies based on Ayurvedic principles according to the patients comfort and need.          

 30 minutes             $35

60 minutes              $60     

90 minutes              $90

120 minutes            $120

Hot Stone Massage

This is a deep massage with the added benefit of penetrating heat from naturally smooth stones from the Chehalis and Newaukum rivers.    

60 minutes             $80

90 minutes             $110

TMJ Dysfunction Therapy

Specially trained and certified to address issues involving temporal mandibular joint pain, imbalance and "jaw popping". Same rates for massage apply.

Ayurvedic Services 

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation 

Learn your unique constitution according to the ancient science of life, Ayurveda. Explore lifestyle and diet choices that bring you to optimal health and well being. This is a 3 hour, 2 part conversation to gain in depth detail and knowledge of your constitution with diet and lifestyle recommendations that help to bring about and maintain balanceDiscover your unique constitution and how to maintain optimal vitality.   

2 appointments $180 


A deeply relaxing and tonifying massage using copious amounts of warm oil infused with 30 different herbs known to help detoxify and rejuvenate the tissues. Traditional Head and Face Massage and Marma Point therapy included.

75 minutes     $95

Traditional Head and Face Massage (aka. Champassage)

This traditional massage has many therapeutic benefits and is recommended for any problems from the shoulders up, including tinnitus, sinusitis and headaches. An excellent beautifying and toning therapy. Warm herbal oils are worked into the scalp, neck, nose and ears.

30 minutes       $50  


Indicated for any kind of muscular or mental tension or Vata type symptoms from the shoulders up. Excellent therapy for whiplash and all types of headaches. A warm stream of herbal infused oil flows over the forehead and scalp eliciting a deep state of calm and serenity.               

45 minutes         $90                          

Netra Basti

Traditional Ayurvedic eye treatment involving bathing the eyes in therapeutic ghee to relieve eye tension, improve vision, and soothe the nervous system. Brings radiant luster to the eyes and face.

45 minutes      $80

Netra Basti added to any other service

A specific therapy for vitalizing and rejuvenating the eyes. Add this service to your Abhyanga, Traditional Indian Head Massage or Bliss Therapy.

30 minutes    $50

Bliss Therapy

Abhyanga and Shirodhara.

120 minutes     $150

Day of Rejuvenation

Your day includes: 1. mini consultation to customize therapy 2. Abhyanga 3. Shirodhara 4. One of customized choices of a scrub, wrap, basti or chakra balancing 5. Aromatherapy steam cabinet 6. Shower 7. Ayurvedic snack and tea

180 minutes $240

Affordable Home Pancha Karma Program

This is a bare bones "do it yourself" package which includes consultation, herbs, oils, spices and basic foods for a 10 day cleanse. You will have to purchase some foods. Includes Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation


Any bodywork to support your Home Pancha Karma can be scheduled and will be billed according to the Menu of Services. 


Pancha Karma Program at Shady Grove Retreat Center

It is recommended to schedule 5 days minimum at Shady Grove for your Pancha Karma Retreat. Less is okay and more is better. The details are on the Pancha Karma page. The rate is $350 a day. Room charge is extra and there are different options for accommodations, please ask. 



 24 hour notice required for cancelations (fees may apply).

Gratuities are not expected or necessary, but are always appreciated.


Preferred Client Discount: purchase 6 appointments and receive 7 (Pancha Karma excluded).

Ask about additional discounts on all services for seniors over 65 years, students, and those in need.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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